composterGarden Earth Composter saves money, the environment and can produce rich organic soil in 6 to 8 weeks.

Available: One Size

Rain Barrels

rainbarrelOur rain barrels are sourced locally from BRT Distributing. Barrels are recycled olive barrels that have been retrofitted to collect and store rain water for personal use. Peterborough Utilities customers receive an instant $25.00 rebate with the purchase of a rain barrel! 

Available: Sizes vary based on availability.

Tips for Installing your Rain Barrel in 4 Easy Steps!

Bat Houses

bathousehopemill_cropped2Installing a bat house is one of the most effective and environmentally responsible ways to reduce the mosquito population around your home. In our efforts to connect to the community we carry bat boxes made by volunteers from Hope Mill.

Available: One Size

Gardening Seeds

seedsWe carry an assortment of heritage organic seeds from local supplier, Urban Tomato and other selected seed providers. Seeds are non-gmo and non-treated.

Available: Various

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