What do you love about your neighbourhood? What needs improving? Share your thoughts and explore what others think!

Information shared here will contribute to building a better understanding of the neighbourhood and help inform ongoing discussions on what kind of improvements we want to see in this neighbourhood.

What do you feel proud of?
What areas are you afraid of?
Where to you gather or play?
Where do you shop?
Where do you work?

What routes do you take through the neighbourhood? Do they feel safe, or could they use improvement?

Use the green ADD MARKER and blue ADD ROUTE buttons at the top of the map to select a pin or route to add to the map. You’ll have the opportunity to leave a comment with each pin/route if you’d like.

Click on other pins to see what others have contributed to the map.

Have fun! Share with your neighbours!

Please stay in touch by adding your contact information in the section below the map.

I want to understand where the water that flows out of the concrete spillway that's incorporated with the new bridge comes from.


we work from home (this is also where we live)



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