The Peterborough Examiner
January 4, 2013
By: Brenden Wedley

Green Up is searching for someone to lead the organization that promotes environmental sustainable practices after its executive director stepped down to return to his family in Germany.

Axel Tscherniak submitted his resignation in the middle of last month and he’ll be leaving the organization at the end of March, Green Up spokesman Matt Higgs said.

“He wanted to take more time with his immediate family, who are actually in Germany right now,” Higgs said. “His plan is to return to Germany to be with his family.”

While the resignation doesn’t take effect until the end of March, Tscherniak has stepped down as executive director and will be working as a consultant for Green Up for the rest of his time with the organization.

He’ll be working on special projects, the organization’s new website and fundraising, Higgs said.

Jennifer Mortlock, the manager of finance and operational services at Green Up, is serving as the acting executive director while the organization searches for a new leader.

Green Up is accepting applications for position until Jan. 28.

The executive director of the small organization, which has about 15 staff, is expected to have a wide range of skills in leadership, management, administration, finance and human resources as well as demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and a healthy environment.

Tscherniak joined Green Up in June 2010, replacing Sue McGregor-Hunter at the helm of the non-profit organization. He moved to Peterborough from Kingston, where his wife attended Queen’s University.

Tscherniak and his family lived in Berlin in Germany from about 1999 until 2009, when they moved to Kingston. In Germany, Tscherniak worked for an agency that oversees parks.

On top of its search for a new executive director, Green Up is accepting applications for a contract position for a writer and editor who will put together a book on significant trees in the community.

“We’ll be collecting photos and stories from city residents in the coming months,” Higgs said.

The application period for that position closes on Monday.

Green Up plans to have the book published by the end of the year.