Art At Home – Spring Scavenger Hunt

March 25th, 2020

If you have been following us @PtboGreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’ve already seen some of the #ArtAtHome ideas we’re sharing from the parents & educators here at GreenUP. Here’s another idea for activities at & around home, something that can grow over many days & weeks!

  1. Get paper & markers/crayons, or whatever fun creative tools you wish. Create & illustrate your own spring nature Scavenger Hunt. If you need some help or would rather just have a Scavenger Hunt created for you, you can also print an online scavenger hunt like this multi-sensory hunt from CBC Kids: https://www.cbc.ca/…/p…/view/printable-spring-scavenger-hunt
  2. From your balcony or backyard, check items off your Scavenger Hunt each day. Keep a journal, take photos, or make drawings to document the different stages of plant growth & new activity from insects & animals. 
  3. Share your Scavenger Hunt stories & art with friends & family virtually or by Canada Post, and please also share with us @PtboGreenUP on social media or by email: info@greenup.on.ca
  4. Support ongoing understanding & engagement with more stories & resources about spring, like the following. (Bonus: videos may give parents & guardians a bit of “me time”)”And Then The Seed Grew” by award-winning Canadian author Marianne Dubuc. You can purchase the e-book via Kids Can Press here: https://kidscanpress.com/products/and-then-seed-grew If your child is in French Immersion, visit Marianne Dubuc’s Facebook page because she’s doing some live videos with illustrations and some zoom meetings with kids. Her Facebook page is here:  Marianne Dubuc – auteure et illustratrice

    Here’s a Stella & Sam video about spring’s arrival via CBC Kids

    “How does a seed become a plant” video via SciShow Kids:

    Have fun at home as we enjoy the arrival of spring!

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