Art At Home – Spring Scavenger Hunt

March 25th, 2020

If you have been following us @PtboGreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’ve already seen some of the #ArtAtHome ideas we’re sharing from the parents & educators here at GreenUP. Here’s another idea for activities at & around home, something that can grow over many days & weeks!

  1. Get paper & markers/crayons, or whatever fun creative tools you wish. Create & illustrate your own spring nature Scavenger Hunt. If you need some help or would rather just have a Scavenger Hunt created for you, you can also print an online scavenger hunt like this multi-sensory hunt from CBC Kids:…/p…/view/printable-spring-scavenger-hunt
  2. From your balcony or backyard, check items off your Scavenger Hunt each day. Keep a journal, take photos, or make drawings to document the different stages of plant growth & new activity from insects & animals. 
  3. Share your Scavenger Hunt stories & art with friends & family virtually or by Canada Post, and please also share with us @PtboGreenUP on social media or by email:
  4. Support ongoing understanding & engagement with more stories & resources about spring, like the following. (Bonus: videos may give parents & guardians a bit of “me time”)”And Then The Seed Grew” by award-winning Canadian author Marianne Dubuc. You can purchase the e-book via Kids Can Press here: If your child is in French Immersion, visit Marianne Dubuc’s Facebook page because she’s doing some live videos with illustrations and some zoom meetings with kids. Her Facebook page is here:  Marianne Dubuc – auteure et illustratrice

    Here’s a Stella & Sam video about spring’s arrival via CBC Kids

    “How does a seed become a plant” video via SciShow Kids:

    Have fun at home as we enjoy the arrival of spring!

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