GreenUP’s #BikesCanDoThat Series!

November 17th, 2019

In 2018 the provincial voice for cycling, Share the Road, released a document titled, Bikes Can Do That. It details seven benefits that can be achieved when bikes become the daily vehicle of choice for more people in your community.

Throughout 2019, GreenUP’s Lindsay Stroud (Manager of Transportation & Urban Design) explored each of these ideas through a series of articles, one dedicate to each of the seven benefits.

You can explore the full series of articles here: 

  1. Want to Reduce Congestion in Ptbo? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here >
  2. Want to Build a Vibrant Downtown? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here >
  3. Want to Promote Active Living? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here >
  4. Want to Attract Tourists? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here >
  5. Want to make Life More Affordable and Equitable? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here> 
  6. Want to Improve Road Safety? #BikesCanDoThat > Click Here >
  7. Want to Reduce Greenhouse Gases? #BikesCanDoThat > Click here > 

For more information, please contact Lindsay Stroud, Manager of Transportation and Urban Design Programs at GreenUP at 705-745-3238 or Lindsay.stroud@greenup.on.ca

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