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These four activity bins have been created so you can pop off the lid and start the activities within a few moments.

Designed for groups of 10 (rent out two bins for bigger groups), they can be a great opportunity to explore water activities and are organized by themes. Each rental includes an instruction manual, so that the leader will feel comfortable facilitating activities.

The Water Science Bin is filled with activities that explore the cool world of science associated with water. Learn about the importance of ph, the depth of the great lakes, and the animals that inhabit these areas.

Click to see the Water Science activities.

The Water Protection Bin is filled with activities that explore the interdependence of water and people. Emphasizing how humans can conserve and protect water.

Click to see the Water Protection activities.

The Water Conservation & Technology Bin is filled with activities that explore the responsible use of water in our daily lives and the technology we have that applies to water resources.

Click to see the Water Conservation & Technology activities.

The Water Upgrade Bin includes showerheads, aerators, toilet tank bank, leak detector dye tablets, flapper tank ball replacements as well as all the tools and instructions on how to upgrade your water fixtures and start saving water and money!

Click to see the Water Upgrade activities.

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