WOW Classroom Programs are not currently being offered due to COVID-19.


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Choose an available date from the calendar below. We will contact you for booking the second visit (which will fall about two weeks after the first visit). If you have any Wonders of Water related questions, please e-mail

Your selection will be held as “pending” until it is confirmed. You will receive an email that summarizes your reservation request. You will also receive a confirmation email from us as soon as possible. If your reservation is confirmed we will also send you more information on how to prepare for the program visit.

The Wonders of Water Program is supported by an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant. This grant enables the program to be offered at a partially or fully subsidized rate, based on an expression of need. If your class is able to welcome the WOW program with no subsidy, this would mean we can support more students and classrooms

Please select the appropriate cost for your class:

 My class is able to pay the full cost of the WOW Program (cost: $10/student) My class is unable to pay the full cost of the WOW Program and requires a partial subsidy (cost: $5/student) My class is unable to pay for the WOW Program and requires a full subsidy (cost: $0/student)

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Book with a Buddy! Spread the WOW around! Book us to visit your entire instructional team, division or school! Ideally we will have 2 classes booked per day in order to make best use of our instructors.

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