Please RSVP at this link if you wish to attend our August 11 family-friendly celebration at Ecology Park. Please scroll down to share your memories celebrating three decades of GreenUP!

30 years ago this year GreenUP was created! GreenUP’s early roots in 1992 began in citizen-lead awareness-raising projects and in cooperation between different community organizations. We are proud of those roots and we stay true to them with strong resident engagement programs and partnerships with many organizations.

Over the past three decades, GreenUP has been recognized as a model for supporting meaningful on-the-ground action, both nationally and internationally, and other communities have followed our example by developing similar organizations.

Please use the form below to share your memories, photos, and/or artwork in celebration of 30 years of GreenUP. If you are able, please donate now in support of GreenUP as we continue our vital work throughout the Peterborough region.

Celebrating 30 Years of GreenUP