December #ZeroWaste Feature

December 3rd, 2019

December’s Zero Waste Feature is a category: local and sustainable soap!

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be thinking of gifting bar soap to friends, family members, or acquaintances. Bath sets and soap products seem like such great universal gift items, but they often come in plastic packaging, which cannot be recycled or repurposed. Then there is also the worry that the ingredients include hidden toxins or microplastics, which are not safe for us or the environment and cannot be removed from our water by treatment plants.

There are plenty of eco-friendly local options available at the GreenUP Store. We carry a huge variety of handmade soaps from Sherrie LaMasurier of Simply Natural Canada, Katie Legere of Free2Be Wellness and SarahAnn Goldnau-Vogt of Charcoal & Rose Petals. Their soaps are made right here in Peterborough and they feature sustainable, non-toxic and locally-sourced ingredients.

Legere’s small batch Face and Body Bars are packed in biodegradable, dye-free cardboard, which can be composted or recycled. LaMasurier’s festive and kids soaps come in fully compostable, clear cellophane bags derived from wood. Goldnau-Vogt’s decorative bar soap comes nearly naked with a simple pushpin label and the option of a hand-stamped paper bag. With the options abounding, it’s easy to find a bar to suit every taste, be it mild, minty or floral.

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