September #ZeroWasteFeature

September 4th, 2019

This month’s Zero Waste Feature Product is the incredible reusable Unpapaer Towel made by Leah Black of Cheeks Ahoy.

Cleaning spill on cutting board with Cheeks Ahoy unpaper towels

Cheeks Ahoy Unpaper Towels available at the GreenUP Store

When Leah had her first child in 2013 she began making her own reusable flannel wipes to replace the standard disposable ones. Now Leah has two growing children, and she makes a range of reusable textiles. These include makeup removing pads, napkins, and face cloths. All Cheeks Ahoy products can be easily laundered and reused again and again.

Leah’s products are also made right here in Peterborough. She uses biodegradable materials like bamboo and cotton flannel. At the GreenUP Store, we are using (and reusing) a set of single ply Unpaper Towels for lint-free dusting and wiping up spills at our refill station.

Unpaper Towels are also great for wiping hands and faces as well as washing and drying dishes. A set of 8 Unpaper Towels can easily replace several single-use items, including paper napkins, paper towels, and even facial tissue. Choosing to use washable, reusable textiles is a great way to reduce household waste and kick the single use habit.

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