The Gift that Gives Twice

Give a Local Gift with Impact

Give a gift that gives twice!

First, give to GreenUP. Your donation will support vital environmental programming in this community. (Please note that once you add a donation amount, it cannot be changed or removed.)

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Second, give the gift of a donation to friends and family with a personalized Donation Gift Card that we’ll send to you.*

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Finally, add a GreenUP Gift Certificate to your gift – see the options below. Your friends and family can enjoy shopping at the GreenUP Store for sustainable, local products and for plants at Ecology Park. Revenues from the GreenUP Store and Ecology Park directly support our programs.**

If you have any difficulty completing your donation & purchase, please click here to contact us.

*Charitable receipts are issued in the name of the individual making the donation, and will not include the Gift Certificate value.
**Gift Certificates are available in $10, $25, and $50 amounts, and can be used at the GreenUP Store and at Ecology Park. The only option on this page is to make a donation in combination with a gift certificate purchase. If you only want to make a donation (no gift certificate) then please click here. If you only want to buy a gift certificate, please click here. Please note that Donation Gift Cards will only be sent when you combine a donation with a gift certificate.