Learn to grow fruit trees and get a free tree to take home 

Planting a fruit tree is a great idea…if you know what you’re doing. Healthy and well-cared-for fruit trees can be very productive. Neglected or poorly cared for trees can suffer from problems like pests and diseases.

GreenUP Ecology Park will provide a free fruit tree (up to a $60 value) during the 2017 season, to each person who brings their certificate from Orchard People’s online Beginner Fruit Tree Care program! This is a comprehensive series of beginner fruit tree care workshops to teach you everything you need to know to grow fruit trees successfully, avoiding the mistakes so many new growers make.

How to enrol:
Sign up by clicking the image below and enter GreenUP’s 10% off code: greenup2017 
Fruit Tree Care Training Workshops Online

About the Project:
‘Planting Our Fruiture’ is a local movement to provide skills and knowledge about fruit tree care, so the community can enjoy abundant, healthy harvests while providing important pollinator habitat in our urban forests.

Through the planting and care of fruit trees, individuals can make a positive impact on local food security and biodiversity in Peterborough’s urban forest.

About GreenUP Ecology Park:

GreenUP Ecology Park is a five acre showcase of sustainable landscape ideas and resources. With a host of sustainable gardens, a native and edible tree nursery, children’s program, garden market, and skill-building workshops, the park has everything you need to be a good steward of the land in your care. This unique, award-winning centre is an ecological hub for the community and is staffed from May to October.

About Orchard People:
Orchard People’s goal is to educate and empower you to grow fruit successfully–whether it’s in your garden, schoolyard, or even in your local park. Growing fruit is a key step to being more connected to our environment and living a ore sustainable life. Orchard People have been involved in training ubranites in caring for fruit trees since 2010, through workshops, live webinars, and online training workshops.

This initiative is generously supported by the Peterborough Foundation.





For details, contact Marcy at workshops@www.greenup.on.ca