Ecology Park School Programs

GreenUP Ecology Park provides dynamic nature-based programs that bring the curriculum to life. Enhance your classroom lessons through exciting hands-on exploration and activities delivered by experienced educators. Students will explore and learn in a diversity of habitats including the Meade Creek wetland, tree nursery, meadow, forest and demonstration gardens.Curriculum-linked programs focus on a variety of environmental education themes such as soils and compost, animals and habitats, plants and trees, food gardens, insects, and many more! French programming is also available upon request.

Programs at GreenUP Ecology Park are offered May through October. The subsidized cost for our programs is $10.00 per student. We also offer classroom programs too during the winter months, upon request!

See our program options and descriptions below. Click here for more information and to register…

Program Options

POLLEN POWER & EUSOCIAL INSECTS  Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2

Explore pollinators and plants! This exciting, bee-positive program highlights our local and global dependency on pollinators. Students will practice environmental stewardship and sustainability as they learn what we can do to care for our pollinators through interactive, hands-on exploration and inquiry. Students will also learn about the wondrous life of eusocial insects such as honeybees and ants. How do they communicate? What is the role of the Queen? Students will get low and observe these critters up close! What to expect: Honeybee hive visit, demo hive exploration, and honey tasting; learn to use an aspirator! Field collection, life cycles, and eusocial gameplay

LIFECYCLES & INSECTS  Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2

Stages and changes are everywhere in nature. Come and explore the seasonal patterns and biological life cycles of creatures from butterflies to bullfrogs and broccoli to birch trees. We will also get a closer look at the lives of incredible invertebrates to find out where they like to live, special features they have for survival, and why they’re so important to our world. We’ll pull out the magnifying glasses, turn over some leaves, and learn about how little bugs have big impacts. What to expect: stream study, insect cycles, and collection along with critter search, butterfly netting, and more!

FOOD  Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2

From the ground up! Utilizing the Ecology Park Food Forest and food gardens, we will roll up our sleeves, pick up the shovel and explore what it takes to turn a seed into a salad. Children will participate in activities such as planting, watering, harvesting, and seed saving as they relate to seasonal changes. What to expect: Hands-on planting, harvesting, and tasting from the garden

SEASONAL CHANGES  Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2

How do our changing seasons affect the critters that live around us? Join us as we shine the spotlight on local animals and their habitats and learn how the seasons affect their needs and behaviour. The program changes with each season. What to expect: Birdcalls and identification, squirrel nest building, and more!

WATER  Grade 3 | Grade 4

Water is essential for life on our planet. What can we do to keep our water swimmable, liveable, fishable, and drinkable? We will explore water ltration systems, watersheds, and aquatic habitats. What to expect: water games and stream study!

PLANTS, TREES, & SEEDS  Grade 3 | Grade 4

It is amazing how one tiny seed can grow into a strong tree or a blossoming plant. Unlock the magic of seeds, plants, and trees with hands-on exploration, scavenger hunts, and games. What to expect: seed collecting, planting, and leaf identification

SOIL, EROSION, & COMPOST  Grade 3 | Grade 4

Let’s celebrate soils! We will learn about the particles that make up soil, the critters that call soil their home, and the superhero of soil-compost! Together we will explore erosion through hands-on games and demonstrations, examine soil samples under the microscope, and get our hands dirty! What to expect: compost puppet show, soil critter search, and composting demo

ECOSYSTEMS & HABITATS  Grade 5 | Grade 6

There is a network of life among our busy streets and neighbourhoods; sometimes we just have to look a little closer to see it! Discover the diversity of wildlife as we follow the trails and clues left by urban inhabitants. Participate in interactive games and activities and keenly observe life as an animal and the habitats in our own backyards! Ecosystems are at work all around us, uniting all living and non-living elements. We will discover and look at the role people play as part of the ecosystem through explorations and hands-on activities. What to expect: Habitat hunts and stream study, skulls, scat, and tracking

INVASIVE SPECIES  Grade 6 | Grade 7

Learn to identify and manage invaders that threaten our native plant biodiversity. Students will engage in citizen science and land stewardship while discovering creative uses for these local invaders. What to expect: cutting down buckthorn, pulling out dog-strangling vine