Ariel Ptbo WebTrees. We depend on them every day, but rarely do we think about the many benefits they provide to us. Urban trees are especially beneficial, not only by cleaning our air and removing carbon, but also by providing shade, food, places to play and habitat for wildlife. As our cities and towns expand, we are losing more and more of our surrounding natural forests. Urban trees are increasingly stressed by air pollution, road salt, construction, droughts and windstorms. These pressures are taking a heavy toll, and replanting of trees is not keeping up with our annual losses. We are losing urban forest cover at a time when we need the benefits it provides more than ever. It’s time to think of trees as essential to our health and welfare, not just optional landscaping. GreenUP’s Urban Forest program has accomplished a lot over the past few years, including:

  • conducted neighbourhood tree inventories with community volunteers
  • provided guest speakers for public events
  • offered rebates for new native trees
  • provided tree workshops for elementary school classes
  • worked with the City of Peterborough to update policies and management plans

The program is now focusing on heritage trees which includes identifying Peterborough’s most significant trees, collecting seeds to preserve their genetic heritage,  and producing a book on the heritage trees in the city. We are also working with the City of Peterborough to develop guidelines and policies for identifying and preserving heritage trees.

Want to learn more about urban trees? Schedule a neighbourhood Tree Tour with our resident tree expert, Vern Bastable.  705-745-3238 ext 210.

Look at some of our past reports:
Teachers College Neighbourhood Report (PDF 4 mb)