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GreenUP Ecology Park

Is there a topic or workshop you would like to see hosted by GreenUP Ecology Park? Please connect with us and let us know at: workshops@greenup.on.ca

2017 Workshops & Events

Please check back regularly for updates!

Community Beekeeping ProgramCommunityBeekeeping_Logo_2017

2017 GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program – Registration
Registration for the 2017 season will open online and in person on February 25, 2017

$225 / participant (10 x hive visits, includes personal hive tool and veil!)

This exciting program is entering its second year! The GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program promotes pollinator stewardship in Peterborough through the education and planting of pollinator-friendly habitats, as well as assisting in the stewardship of GreenUP’s honeybee colonies. Participation in this program will be offered through a seasonal membership and drop in OPEN HIVE! days for the community to assist in the stewardship of our hives and gain hands on experience working with honeybees. All beekeeping equipment will be provided by GreenUP and hive checks will be conducted with our beekeeping staff.

Please email  workshops@greenup.on.ca if you would like to be added to our mailing list for upcoming GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program information. For more info about bee keeping in Ontario, visit the Ontario Beekeeping Association at www.ontariobee.com

GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program – Terms of Reference

Seedy Sunday

Sunday, March 12th | noon – 5 pm, George Street United Church, Ptbo.

Join GreenUP Ecology Park at Seedy Sunday – the perfect place to get inspired for Spring.

Come out to get all the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to get growing this season. There will be an incredible diversity of vegetables, flowers, and herbs available for sale. Check out the plethora of community groups showcasing the great work they do with informative hands-on workshops and the ever popular Seed Exchange Area where you can trade seed with other gardeners & learn more about seed saving. Check out the NourishProject for more info.

Build Your Own Bee Hotel | Intro to Bees and The Environment

Sunday, April 16th | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, The Endeavour Centre, 910 High Street, Ptbo. | $125

Join GreenUP and The Endeavour Centre for a 1-day workshop where you will deepen your understanding of  crucial native pollinators & leave with a bee hotel that you can hang up at home!  This is one of many steps you can take to support the revival of important pollinators. Register with The Endeavour Centre online!

Did you know that Ontario is home to 400 species of native bees that carry out pollination services to our backyard gardens and urban forests? 30% of native Ontario bees nest in cavities, hollow twigs or stems, and similar hidden spaces throughout our neighbourhoods.

Installing native bee houses in urban landscapes, lovingly referred to as ‘Bee and Bees’ or ‘Bee Hotels’ provide critical support for native bees to thrive and continue to pollinate our local flowering plants and food crops.

Be sure to also join GreenUP for the Native Bee Share Event on October 14th!

Blessing of the Bees

Sunday, April 23rd | 1-2 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park | FREE

Calling all bee lovers! Join us in our annual Blessing of the Bees. We will be sharing thoughts, poems, and offerings for the health and abundance of these ancient beings.

Our Bee Blessing will take place from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in the GreenUP Ecology Park meadow, as we open our European honeybee hive for an early spring blessing.

Annual Ecology Park Spring Plant & Veggie Sale

Sunday, May 21st | 12 – 4 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park – Fundraiser

This is our biggest sale of the year and the official opening of the GreenUP Ecology Park’s Garden Market! Come and support our park programs with purchases of quality veggies, seedlings, and a large variety of wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees which thrive in our region of Ontario and provide important habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Check out our catalogue of species online for a list of prices and descriptions of species available throughout the Garden Market season.

C’est Chaud Pizza will be at this event, once again serving delicious wood fired pizzas made with local ingredients.

Native Bee Share

Saturday, October 14th | 1-3 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park | FREE

Join us to learn about some of the native bees that live in GreenUP Ecology Park. Help us harvest cocoons and prepare Bee Hotels for our Native Bee Share program. Free, all ages welcome.

GreenUP Native Bee Share Program is a local Citizen Science program encouraging community members to monitor native bee activity by building and providing cavity nesting “Bee Hotels” in our greenspaces, and backyards. Participants will monitor the residents in their Bee Hotels throughout the seasons. We will then share results – and bees!  We are able to better to monitor native bee numbers, nesting patterns, pests, and diseases while we steward and restore pollinator habitat.

 Beginner Fruit Tree Care Certification

ONLINE anytime | $120 – Registration Required

Get on the path to becoming a fruit tree expert with Orchard People’s online workshop that guides you through the basics of fruit tree care and cultivation and includes 8 hours of video, and e-book instruction. Upon completion, get a FREE fruit tree (up to a $60 value) from GreenUP Ecology Park.

For extra savings, be sure to use our 10% off code : GreenUp2016


More 2017 Dates COMING SOON……

2016 Ecology Park Steward Volunteer Orientation

GreenUP Ecology Park, RSVP Required – workshops@greenup.on.ca

If you have signed up to volunteer with GreenUP and are interested in becoming a volunteer Park Steward for the 2016 season at Ecology Park, this orientation is mandatory.

New registrants should view the position description and complete an online volunteer application form by visiting the GreenUP Volunteer page.

Park Stewards are a very valuable asset to our organization. Park Stewards will learn the ins and outs of volunteering at Ecology Park and what is required to keep this award winning park and nursery at its finest!

Park Steward volunteers commit for the season and help each Monday from 9:30 – 12:00, from May 9th through until October 24th (holidays excluded). Learn some new skills, meet great people who love to garden, have fun, and get dirty!

Volunteers must be over 18 and be able to perform repeated physical tasks such as loading and unloading wheelbarrows of soil, composting, weeding, planting, pruning etc. in all weather conditions. Please bring closed toes shoes, water bottle, snack and proper clothing.

YOU MUST RSVP at workshops@greenup.on.ca to attend this orientation session. No drop ins. Thank you.

2016 Ecology Park Leaf UNtuck

Sunday, May 11th | 11 am – 1:30 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park – Drop in

It is time to wake up the GreenUP Ecology Park plant nursery. Help us un tuck the plants from their protective blanket of leaves. Join GreenUP Ecology Park staff in preparing the tree nursery for spring! We need a lot of careful helpers to remove the layer of  winter leaf mulch from our trees, shrubs and flowers. We depend on volunteers to help us with this important seasonal task.

Families and people of all ages and abilities are welcome. Refreshments will be served!

Monarch Butterfly Workshop & Field Day

Sunday, August 14th | 10 am – 1:30 pm, Young’s Point Road – $20/adult, $5/child, Online Registration Required

Join GreenUP and Kawartha Land Trust this summer for a fascinating workshop and field study about Monarch Butterflies! Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) are a migratory species of butterfly entirely dependant on the milkweed plant for survival. Since March 2013, the North American population of Monarch butterflies has declined by 59%, the lowest recorded population status since 1975 (Monarch Watch 2014).

Monarchs are an important indicator species because of their large habitat and migration range. During late fall in the Peterborough region, Monarchs begin their 4000 km migration journey to central Mexico’s Trans Volcanic Mountains to overwinter in the Oyamel fir forests.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the life cycle and habitat of the Monarch butterfly, collect larvae, and help GreenUP gather data for two citizen science projects. Participants will also have the option to learn how to create a monarch rearing tent and witness the amazing metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. All participants will receive a laminated field ID chart and take home resources.

Directions to workshop location will be sent to participants upon registration. No Drop-ins.

 Vermicomposting Workshop

Saturday, September 24th | 1-3 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park – $50, Online Registration Required

P1200446Composting food waste, especially in small, indoor spaces can pose a real challenge. Vermicomposting is an innovative solution using red wrigglers, food waste and a tight- lidded rubber bin. Learn how to set up and manage your vermicomposter properly and use the precious worm castings to boost soil nutrition in the garden.

Registration includes 2 hr instruction, 1 lb worms, vermicomposting bin. No drop-ins.


 Autumn Little Tree Sale

Sunday, October 16th | 10 am – 4 pm, GreenUP Ecology Park – Fundraiser

Fall is a great time to plant trees before they go dormant for the winter. The Ecology Park nursery has some great deals on trees and shrubs that are ideal to plant during the fall. Prices start at only $1!


Thank you for your support!