April Fools – Thank you!

Peterborough! Thank you for playing along with us today! We are inspired by all of your comments and suggestions for our April Fool’s Hunter Street bridge garden project; we agree that adding a bike lane along the edge of the garden would be great and actually completing this project on the train bridge certainly is a unique idea – you are an innovative and inspiring community to work with.

Stay tuned because in 2016 we will be removing pavement and asphalt at demonstration sites in the city – no joke! AND, we are looking for sites to complete projects on. If you have any suggestions, please contact Water Programs Coordinator, Heather Ray at heather.ray@www.greenup.on.ca

We would also love your help with these projects. There will be opportunities to volunteer and support the Depave process. Check out the Depave Paradise Peterborough page to see the projects we have already completed in the community.

Thanks for your local love of all things green!


GreenUP is excited to announce the location for an exciting new greening project! We will removing all of the asphalt from the Hunter Street Bridge Across the Otonabee River. “This is an exciting opportunity to showcase the positive impact that rain gardens can have on our city’s precious water resources, especially with this location being directly over the Otonabee River,” says GreenUP’s Water Program Steward, Dylan Radcliffe.


Stay tuned for details about how you can volunteer to remove asphalt, plant native, drought tolerant species, and when you can expect the project to take place this summer! 


Happy April 1st!