Peterborough This Week
April 12, 2013
By: Aaron O’Toole

(PETERBOROUGH) It’s the biggest campaign yet, promises Guenther Schubert, member of the Peterborough Rotary Club and founder of the Super Spring Cleanup (SSCU).
Peterborough, Lakefield, Bridgenorth and Ennismore Rotary Clubs have joined together in organizing the SSCU on April 20. This year they’ve also combined plans with four smaller local green initiative organizers.
“We’ve approached them for one big clean-up,” says Mr. Schubert.
“This has been a passion of mine for a number of years.”
Schubert hopes these events will teach people to “take ownership and pick up after themselves.”
In the past, the program relied largely on student participants. They’ve had 400 volunteers pick up 2,500 bags of garbage from county roads.
With the combined effort of this year’s team, the SSCU will be cleaning local parks, railroad tracks, river beds and road sides.
“This year we changed it slightly and also invited the public,” he says.
Everyone is welcome to come and the more volunteers the less garbage there will be littering the city.
The cleaners are meeting between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in zones designated throughout Peterborough, Bridgenorth and Lakefield. The sections to meet in Peterborough are Jacksons Park, Confederation Square, Beavermead Park, R.A Morrow Park, Kinsmen Park, Riverview Park and Zoo and Bower’s Park.
Peterborough Green-Up will be going over the rules of recycling in the morning while everyone is given garbage bags.
Latex and knitted gloves will be supplied but “we’re encouraging people to bring their own,” says Mr. Schubert.
It’s encouraged that everyone bring protective footwear and bright clothing. There are 400 safety vests available with the Rotary logo and Tim Hortons logo on them.
Tim Hortons has been a supporter of the SSCU for three years and is providing volunteers at each assigned location free tim bits, hot chocolate and coffee.
Already there are 350 committed volunteers as well as about 100 who have registered online.
“We would like people to register to see how many are coming,” says Mr. Schubert.
The event is two days prior to Earth Day, a dedicated day for preserving the environment.
Each volunteers will decide how long they choose to participate. Every little bit helps.
“Rain or shine,” says Mr. Schubert.