Peterborough This Week
June 11, 2014

PETERBOROUGH – A celebration lunch will be served at noon on Friday (June 13) at the Silver Bean Café for the winners of the Shifting Gears Travel Wise Workplace Awards.

Participants from more than 110 workplaces walked, cycled, bussed, carpooled and telecommuted to work during the month of May as part of the challenge. One of the focuses of this year’s challenge was getting Peterborough active.

This year, more than 10,500 trips were made by walking or cycling.  If the minutes of physical activity gained through commuting during the challenge were spilt evenly among all participants, each participant would have averaged 100 minutes of physical activity per week.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines suggest that adults should have 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous- intensity activity per week, so just by walking or cycling to work, participants would have meet 2/3 of their weekly requirement!

During this initiative, workplaces competed against each other for numerous Travel-Wise Workplace Awards. These awards acknowledge employee efforts to get out of their vehicles, thereby saving money, improving health, and contributing to a more sustainable community.

This year was the second year that outstanding workplaces had the opportunity to compete against each other in our new Master’s Class Category – a special category for workplaces who had won their respective size category three or more times in the past.

Additionally, organizers introduced a School Category for the first time, with Adam Scott Collegiate grabbing the first title.

This is the 11th year of the Shifting Gears Challenge in Peterborough. The goal is to increase the number of trips made using walking, cycling, bussing, carpooling and working from home to reduce the number of trips to work made by a person alone in their vehicle.

The campaign is a partnership between the City of Peterborough, GreenUP, Wild Rock Outfitters, the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, Student Car Share, and B!KE.