November #ZeroWaste Feature

November 4th, 2019

November’s Zero Waste Feature is Simply Natural Canada’s Vegan Deodorant.

Winter is the perfect season to switch to a natural deodorant! Sherrie Le
Masurier of Simply Natural Canada has developed an effective,
magnesium-based deodorant with antibacterial essential oils. Her liquid
formula is handcrafted right here in Peterborough, in small batches to ensure
freshness and quality. It is also packaged in refillable glass bottles
rather than plastic, which means the product inside will not be tainted with

The GreenUP Store carries a range of scented and unscented options
in the 60mL Spray and 30 mL Roll On options, both of which are easy to apply
and refill. We also offer 120 mL refill bottles as well as full service
refills at the sales counter. As with many of our bulk products at GreenUP,
refills are sold at a discount so as to incentivize the re-use of containers
that may otherwise be discarded.

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