Peterborough is #BetterThanThis

May 17th, 2022

GreenUP condemns the hateful and threatening actions targeted at federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in Peterborough on May 10, a week ago today. We are #BetterThanThis.

Everyone should be able to live free from harassment and intimidation. In Canada, everyone has the right to support causes they believe in through peaceful protest and acts of civil disobedience. What happened last week was neither peaceful nor a protest – it was targeted physical harassment and verbal assault.

As the Mayor of Peterborough pointed out in her statement on May 17th, we have witnessed many incidents like this in our community and other communities in recent months. These hateful acts disrupt our freedom to safely and securely participate in the democratic process. These hateful acts distract us from other critical issues that are facing our community, like climate change, mental health, drug addiction, poverty, and reconciliation, amongst others.

The people of Peterborough are better than this and we expect #BetterThanThis. We are a community that inspires and empowers each other to create an inclusive and sustainable future and leave no one behind. Hate has no place here, neither does complicit silence from anyone in a position of influence. We explicitly condemn the violence and hate seen in our community last week and call on our leaders to do the same.

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