The gentle giants of nature; our native tree collection contains a diversity of species ready to fit in to your unique planting environments. Trees do so much more than just provide a bit of shade and we would be happy to help you pick a tree that will mark your contribution to the urban forest for generations to come.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Abies balsamea
Balsam Fir

Acer nigrum
Black Maple

Acer rubrum
Red Maple

Acer rubrum ‘freemanii’
Autumn Blaze’ Freeman Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Northwood’
Northwood’ Red Maple

Acer saccharinum
Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum ‘Silver Queen’
Silver Queen ’Silver Maple

Acer saccharum
Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum ’Green Mountain’
Green Mountain ’Sugar Maple

Aesculus glabra
Ohio Buckeye

Amelanchier canadensis
Canadian Serviceberry

Amelanchier laevis ‘Spring Flurry’
Serviceberry ’Spring Flurry’

Betula papyrifera
White Birch or Paper Birch

Catalpa speciosa
Northern Catalpa

Celtis occidentalis
Northern Hackberry

Cercis canadensis
Eastern Redbud

Cersis canadensis
Eastern Redbud

Crataegus crus-gali
Cockspur Hawthorn

Gymnocladus dioicus
Kentucky Coffee Tree

Juglans nigra
Black Walnut

Juniperus virginiana
Eastern Red Cedar

Larix laricina
Tamarack or Larch

Nyssa sylvatica
Black Gum "Tupelo"

Ostrya virginiana
Ironwood or Hornbeam

Picea glauca
White Spruce

Pinus resinosa
Red Pine

Pinus strobus
White Pine

Platanus occidentalis
American Sycamore

Prunus serotina
Black Cherry

Quercus alba
White Oak

Quercus bicolour
Swamp White Oak

Thuja occidentalis
White Cedar

Tsuga canadensis
Eastern Hemlock