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Juglans cincerea

Juglans cincerea

This cousin of the walnut has long, graceful compound leaves and produces a crop of nuts in the fall.  Toxins from its roots will affect many other plants such as vegetables, evergreens and fruit trees, so be careful where you plant them.  Now endangered in Ontario due to butternut canker, planting these trees will increase the chances of finding some resistant to the disease. Butternut trees can be tapped to collect sap and like maple trees – butternut sap can be reduced through boiling to produce a sweet syrup – Butternut syrup (now that sounds like a pancakes best friend!)

Height x Width (feet)

50 x 45

Sun Requirements

Prefers full sun

Water Requirements

Moist Soils

Urban Friendliness


Products Available

3-4'      $40      Item Number: TN2900

5-6'      $70      Item Number: TN2901

7-8'      $100      Item Number: TN2902