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Pinus strobus

Pinus strobus
White Pine

The tree of Ontario, the beautiful white pine grows in a range of conditions, but requires well-drained soil and full sun.  Not tolerant of salt spray from roadsides.  Give it lots of room, since it grows to a majestic height of 30 metres.

Height x Width (feet)

100 x 35

Sun Requirements

Prefers full sun

Water Requirements

Requires well drained soils

Urban Friendliness

Not a good street tree as it can not tolerate salt

Heritage Value

Peterborough's Jackson Park contains some mighty giants and and many people consider the white pine the official tree of Peterborough

Products Available

2-3'      $50.00      Item Number: TN3700

3-5'      $110.00      Item Number: TN3701

Item Number: TN3702
(Currently not available)

> 5'+      $200+      Item Number: TN3712