Depave Paradise

Depave Paradise is a project of Green Communities Canada and local partners such as GreenUP, in communities across Canada. Volunteers and neighbourhoods have been (or will soon be!) removing unwanted pavement and planting gardens filled with native species in its place.

Removing asphalt and concrete at neighbourhood workbees is an exciting new trend that renews neglected urban spaces. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of community members who work together to make their surroundings more liveable. Depave Paradise demonstration projects make permanent positive changes to neighbourhoods and encourage others to act together.


Green Communities Canada

Green Communities Canada

Green Communities Canada is a national association of community organizations that help people go green – in their homes and gardens, on the road, at work, and in the community. GCC has over two dozen member organizations in every region of the country, with combined annual revenues of $24 million, 600 employees, and more than 2000 volunteers....

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