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Air leakage has the potential to increase your heating and cooling costs by over 30% and can also contribute to discomfort, poor indoor air quality and ventilation problems. GreenUP’s Energy Savers Draft Proofing Audit detects air leakage and tightness issues in your residential, commercial or institutional building.

Our Energy Savers audit uses our years of energy efficacy auditing experience under the EnerGuide for Houses and ecoENERGY Retrofit -Homes programs to measure building performance and test for air tightness. Our Natural Resources Canada Certified Energy Advisors provide state of the art Blower Door air leakage testing together with a visual inspection and/or a diagnostic report.

Discover where the heat and cooling loss occurs in your building, as well as moisture and condensation issues, pest and vermin openings, trace mould and mildew problems and verify work that has been performed by contractors. An Energy Savers draft proofing audit is a great way to start improvements and retrofits to make your building more energy efficient.

Draft proofing your residential, commercial or institutional building is a cost effective way to reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Program History

GreenUP has been continually involved in energy efficiency auditing and evaluation since 1999 under various programs such as the Green Home Visit, the EnerGuide for Houses program and most recently the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program. Our Natural Resources Canada Certified Energy Advisors have performed over 7000 pre and post retrofit energy evaluations.

Energy Savers is a program exclusive to Green-Up and is available to homeowners, commercial businesses and institutional organizations to performance test their buildings and help plan energy saving improvements and retrofits.

Program Services

Service Title: Draft Proofing Audits
Description: detects drafts in commercial or residential buildings and suggests remedial improvements and retrofits.
Fee/Cost: Basic audit – from $150 + HST
Extended Audit – from $300 + HST Call for a quote for all audits.

Program Contact Information

Name: Kristen LaRocque
Position: GreenUP Store & Resource Centre Cooridnator
Phone: 705-745-3238 ext. 222
Fax: 705-745-4413