Nature’s AC Urban Forest Program

Did you know that mature trees have an amazing capacity to cool our homes and our urban neighbourhoods? Trees help to modify local climate by lowering air temperature, increasing humidity, influencing wind speeds and reducing glare. The evaporation from a single large tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room-sized air conditioners operating 24 hours a day. Three or more large trees strategically placed on the sunny sides of a house will provide enough shade to reduce air-conditioning costs by as much as 30 percent. Trees also help with energy costs in the winter by blocking cold winds thereby reducing the strain on heating units. These energy savings, when spread over many houses, neighborhoods and urban areas, can reduce the demand for power production by utility plants, which also reduce the amount of air pollutants produced by these power plants.

Come explore GreenUP Ecology Park’s native tree nursery and speak to our knowledgable staff about how you can reduce your energy costs by planting trees strategically on your property and in your neighbourhood.

Each year, the Peterborough Utilities Group funds the planting of several large-stature mature trees, which increase the density of the tree canopy at GreenUP’s Ecology Park, and showcase the diversity of native trees that can be grown in our region.

Program History

Since 2015, PUC supports GreenUP Ecology Park seasonally, by planting a variety of mature Ontario native trees in the Park, showcasing the natural way to reduce our energy costs, while providing shade to our visitors during the hot summer months! The Nature’s AC program also creates healthy habitats for wildlife and increases biodiversity in our urban forest.

Historically, GreenUP’s Urban Forest program has accomplished a lot, including:

  • conducted neighbourhood tree inventories with community volunteers
  • provided guest speakers for public events
  • offered rebates for new native trees
  • provided tree workshops for elementary school classes
  • worked with the City of Peterborough to update policies and management plans

The program has also focused on heritage trees, which included identifying Peterborough’s most significant trees, collecting seeds to preserve genetic heritage, and producing a book on the heritage trees in the city. We have also worked with the City of Peterborough to develop guidelines and policies for identifying and preserving heritage trees.

Program Contact Information

Name: Marcy Adzich
Phone: 705-745-3238 x212
Fax: 705-745-4413


Peterborough Utilities Group

Peterborough Utilities Group

GreenUP is grateful for our long-standing partnership with the Peterborough Utilities Group. GreenUP and the Peterborough Utilities Group are both committed to reducing the amount of water and energy being consumed at home, at work, and at school.

For more than 20 years, the Peterborough Utilities Group has generously provided GreenUP with essential funding that d...

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