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Our streets are our city’s largest public spaces, but rather than being inclusive places for all people, streets across North America have been designed for people in cars. Even on small, residential roads, people in cars are still considered primary, and children playing in the street are the ones who need to look out and move quickly when a car approaches. These are the kinds of streets we experience every day, whether in a car, on a bike, or on foot.

But, streets can look different. They can be designed to put people first, or for children who are playing. They can be designed as spaces where people will want to walk, bike, play, and relax and where drivers – while allowed – are treated more like visitors.

Pulse Pop-up’s temporarily re-imagine a small section of a local street and transform it into vibrant community space filled with games and activities for everyone to enjoy! Pulse Pop-ups create an area where kids can play and be active and where communities can gather in a safe, fun space.

Each Pulse Pop-up is unique to the neighbourhood. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen a variety of creative family-friendly activities blossom on the street during a Pulse Pop-up. Activities at the Pulse Pop-up’s may include a bicycle playground, hula hooping, chalk drawing, ball games, picnics, and community planning.

Program funding for Pulse Pop-ups has ended, but we would be happy to talk with interested neighbours about how they can create this type of event for their neighbourhood. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Program History

The first Pulse Pop-up event took place on Stewart Street in May 2015, and brought hundreds of people out into the road to celebrate their community and engage in a number of fun and exciting activities. Over the past 3 years, 8 neighbourhood-led events have helped to transform local residential roads into sites of play, active transportation, and recreation.

Events like Peterborough Pulse and Pulse Pop-ups help to showcase the diversity of uses that can take place on our streets, and provide people with the opportunity to play on, and enjoy, these public spaces.

Program Contact Information

Lindsay Stroud
Manager, Transportation and Urban Design Programs
Phone: 705-745-3238 ext. 209
Fax: 705-745-4413
Email:  lindsay.stroud@greenup.on.ca

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