Water Wise

Water Wise is a landscape recognition program that showcases a wide array of landscaping methods and local resources to make taking water wise steps in your garden easier than ever!

In the summer months, demands on water from activities such as watering lawns and gardens can significantly increase outdoor water consumption. Water is a precious resource that is important to protect.  One way to curb water use is to rethink the way we landscape our front yards to create water wise landscapes that reduce water demands.

GreenUP, with support from Peterborough Utilities Group, would like to recognize the efforts of citizens in the City of Peterborough who are taking water wise steps on their residential properties to conserve water through alternative landscaping methods in their front yards.

Do you have, or know of a front yard, or a business in the City of Peterborough that appears to be Water Wise?

If so, it may be eligible for recognition!
Plus everyone who nominates a garden, and is nominated, will be entered into a draw to win a rain barrel!
New in 2018, you can now nominate a Water Wise business!

Some signs that a front yard may be Water Wise:

  • Lack of a lawn, opting for the use of native/drought tolerant plants instead
  • Use of captured rain water (For example, watering with rain captured in a rain barrel)
  • Use of ground cover / mulch
  • Use of efficient watering methods, if watering is required (For example, use of drip hoses)
  • A tree or two (or more)
  • Natural pest control measures (no use of pesticides)
  • Other unique measures

Water Wise landscaping methods work to conserve and protect our water, help to reduce outdoor water use, restore the natural hydrological cycle, protect our drinking water, and more!

Nominate a garden today by clicking on the button above.

Water Wise Garden Tour

Hop on your bike or take a stroll and tour a variety of recognized Water Wise gardens in Peterborough! Gain some inspiration, learn about Water Wise techniques, and see what your neighbours are doing to reduce their reliance on municipal water, while beautifying their front yards.

Share photos of your self-guided tour in Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #WaterWiseWednesdays to have your name entered for great draw prizes!

Program History

Piloted in 2015, and launched in 2016, GreenUP’s Water Wise, is a landscape recognition program modelled after the City of Brantford Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program.

Since its inception in 2015, Water Wise has nominated over 20 gardens that act as demonstration gardens to inspire others and showcase solutions. Water Wise has also developed local resources, held local work shops, and hosted water wise garden tours.

Program Services

Looking for a quick way to get your own Water Wise garden started?

Pick up a Water Wise Garden Starter Kit at GreenUP Ecology Park at 1899 Ashburnham Drive in Peterborough. You’ll receive 17 plants (7 different species) and a planting guide for only $100!

Coming soon…..Water Wise Self-Guided Garden Tour!

Program Contact Information

Name: Heather Ray
Position: Water Programs Manager
Phone: 705-745-3238 ext. 204
Email: heather.ray@greenup.on.ca


Peterborough Utilities Group

Peterborough Utilities Group

GreenUP is grateful for our long-standing partnership with the Peterborough Utilities Group. GreenUP and the Peterborough Utilities Group are both committed to reducing the amount of water and energy being consumed at home, at work, and at school.

For more than 20 years, the Peterborough Utilities Group has generously provided GreenUP with essential funding that d...

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