Green Up

2017 is GreenUP’s 25th anniversary. Over the years, so much has changed, but GreenUP has remained a critical resource in our community, offering immersive and impactful programming that addresses emergent concerns, enables meaningful citizen action, and supports long-term environmental sustainability.

We’re so grateful for the community support and numerous partnerships that have grown stronger year after year, and we’re excited to highlight our many innovative programs as part of this year’s Organizational Profile.

GreenUP’s work is diverse, not only with respect to the issues addressed, but also our approach to change-making. Over the past 25 years, we have offered groundbreaking sustainability education designed to provide people with the knowledge and skill necessary to create change in their own lives. We do this through hands-on educational programs and workshops for persons of all ages, on topics from beekeeping to cycling, vermicomposting to rain gardens. Many of our programs continue to take place at the GreenUP Ecology Park, a vibrant teaching and demonstration site located on City parkland.

But sometimes, very real barriers to change exist – barriers that knowledge alone cannot overcome – and GreenUP works to address those, too. We do this by supporting ecological regeneration and green infrastructure projects that enable the kinds of change we want to see, and that help us to reduce the inequity of environmental risk and vulnerability.

Finally, because addressing complex environmental issues can feel challenging, we work to create a culture of resilience and celebration. We do this through community building events and activities that recognize the work that is being done and the people that are doing it, and that helps citizens to feel connected to, and part of, a broader movement. And we don’t do this alone. GreenUP contributes to a number of exciting community collaboratives that strengthen our relations and deepen our impact. Our sincere gratitude to all of our partners and funders – thank you for your vital and ongoing support.