“Awesome! Friendly, nature lovers, lots of walkers and bikers on the trail.”

“Young, vibrant, busy.”

“A mostly residential, medium-density neighbourhood in close proximity to waterways and trails!”

These are just some of the ways that Curtis Creek residents describe their neighbourhood. East City–Curtis Creek is located approximately 2 km northeast of downtown Peterborough and is home to nearly 1,600 people. It is bordered by Parkhill Road in the north, the Trent-Severn Waterway to the east, Hunter Street East to the south, including the Westclox Building, and Armour Road to the west. The name ‘Curtis Creek’ refers to the waterway that snakes through the neighbourhood from northeast to southwest.

What the Neighbourhood is saying:

Since 2017, we’ve been hearing residents’ feedback about their homes and neighbourhood, and how the neighbourhood could be a more sustainable place to live, work, and play. Priorities we’ve heard about the most in East City–Curtis Creek include:

  • Water management: Conserve the amount of water used by homes and businesses; protect the local watershed, and minimize the impacts of local flooding.
  • Local food security: Increase the availability of fresh, affordable, nutritious food in the neighbourhood.
  • Habitat & urban forest: Remove invasive species and increase the number and diversity of trees and native plant species in the area; support habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.
  • Healthy, resilient community: Increase shade cover; improve safety and walkability of the neighbourhood for pedestrians and cyclists; continue building community.
  • Energy: Reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced locally; improve the energy efficiency of people’s homes and businesses.

In 2019, SUN is working with neighbourhood residents, municipal staff, and other community partners to draft a Neighbourhood Action Plan for East City–Curtis Creek. This document will identify project and program action ideas that will help the neighbourhood address these needs and reach its sustainability goals. Keep reading to learn how you can participate in the Action Planning process.

Upcoming Events!

This spring, join us at the final SUN garden installations and other community events to lend a hand with planting, and review the first draft of the East City–Curtis Creek Neighbourhood Action Plan.

Click here for the GreenUP Online Events Calendar to view all the Upcoming SUN planting days…

For more information, contact Brittany Harding, SUN Education and Outreach Coordinator, at brittany.harding@greenup.on.ca or (705) 745-3238 ext. 224.

Neighbourhood successes

SUN has met with hundreds of people and attended dozens of community events in East City–Curtis Creek. We are building a network of neighbourhood champions who are passionate about building a more sustainable future. Together, we’re drafting a Neighbourhood Action Plan for the East City–Curtis Creek neighbourhood and demonstrating action through garden and tree planting projects.

To date, East City–Curtis Creek residents have worked with SUN and other community partners to install 360 square metres (3900 square feet) of trees and gardens on residential properties. The impacts of these projects will extend throughout the neighbourhood and beyond!

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