Welcome and thank you for visiting the Jackson Park – Brookdale NeighbourPLAN webpage!

What do you love about your neighbourhood? What needs improving? Share your thoughts and explore what others think!

Information shared here will contribute to building a better understanding of the neighbourhood and help inform ongoing discussions on what kind of improvements we want to see in this neighbourhood.

What do you feel proud of?
What areas are you afraid of?
Where to you gather or play?
Where do you shop?
Where do you work?

What routes do you take through the neighbourhood? Do they feel safe, or could they use improvement?

Use the green ADD MARKER and blue ADD ROUTE buttons at the top of the map to select a pin or route to add to the map. You’ll have the opportunity to leave a comment with each pin/route if you’d like.
When drawing a route, double click to end your route. Then, you’ll be able to select the colour of your route—green if you enjoy travelling there, or red if it could use some improvement.

Click on other pins and routes to see what others have contributed to the map.

Have fun! Share with your neighbours!

Please stay in touch by adding your contact information in the section below the map.


We have been having a lot of fun connecting with residents in the neighbourhood. We’ve hosted exploratory walks, map chats, and surveys. We’ll soon be dropping off fliers to each house and look forward to connecting with folks as we do some door-to-door surveys.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and get involved!

NeighbourPLAN Brochure

NeighbourPLAN Portrait

Mark you calendars for the following dates and join us if you can. Follow the links for event details:

SPARK Photo Festival Student Exhibition Opening | April 5th | 3:30pm at Highland Heights PS

Neighbourhood Street Festival | June 30th | times and location TBD
Have an idea? Want to help out!  We’d love your ideas and energy!

If you want to get involved or have questions, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you at any time!

Program Contact:

Name: Laura Keresztesi
Position: NeighbourPLAN Coordinator
Phone: 705-745-3238 ext. 206
Fax: 705-745-4413
Email: laura.keresztesi@greenup.on.ca

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