Shifting Gears For Employers

The Shifting Gears program provides employers with supports and resources that encourage staff to walk, cycle, take transit, carpool, or telecommute to the workplace. The benefits? A staff team with more energy, greater wellbeing, and extra financial resources, and an employer that is reducing their commute-related environmental impact.

Here are some of the employer supports we offer:

Shifting Gears Challenge and Workshops

Each spring, employers can engage their workplace team in a little friendly competition that offers win-win-win results – the Shifting Gears Challenge! This annual month-long event pits employer against employer to accumulate active and sustainable commuter points! The more employees walk, cycle, take transit, carpool, and telecommute, the greater the tally and the chance for workplace glory!

It’s a great, springtime, team-building opportunity!

Registration opens April 2023!

E-work Toolkit

Mandated work-from-home arrangements over the last few years have provided a wider range of employers to gain first-hand experience in these less-familiar ways of working. As you move forward in developing formal e-work policies that allow for remote and hybrid work, use our guides to ensure you reap the benefits of a solid remote work program, including increased staff productivity and work life balance, and lower operational costs.

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