Shifting Gears for Individuals

The Shifting Gears program supports individuals to replace single-occupancy vehicle trips with walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling, and remote working. A shift like this can unlock benefits to health & wellbeing, our community & environment, and your pocketbook!

Here are some of the supports we offer:

Shifting Gears Challenges

Every May, citizens from across Peterborough come together for the month-long Shifting Gears Challenge. This annual event encourages participants to rack up points and prizes by walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling, and telecommuting to work or school, or when conducting errands! It’s a great way to start your spring and jumpstart a new habit! Watch for smaller transportation challenges throughout the year, too!

The Fleming Trent Transportation Challenge takes place from Monday September 26th to Sunday October 9th, 2022. Register today to get started!  

Rack & Roll for Bike Commuters

Through Rack & Roll, Shifting Gears provides cyclists the equipment and information they need to make their bike more practical for day-to-day use, whether commuting to school or work, or running errands.

Those new to bike commuting or wishing to use their bike for more essential trips are provided with a rear bike rack and single pannier (i.e., a bike bag) free of charge!

During a scheduled appointment with B!KE: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop, participants will work with a mechanic educator to:

  • Install the new equipment
  • Identify and address mechanical or other issues on the bike
  • Work through questions the participant may have about riding
  • Identify changes to ensure a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable ride
  • Capture a photo and quote of the experience

This program is offered each the spring. Enrolment is limited.

E-Work Guides and Resources

There are many factors that contribute to whether you are productive, comfortable, and content working from home. These include your workstyle, your home environment and workstation set-up, and the support your employer provides through supportive policies, communication, and supervision.

We’ve put together some material to help you get the most from your remote work experience.

Other Online Resources

Tips from the Pros

Setting up your Work Area

Staying Connected

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