Shifting Gears For Workplaces

It’s time to bring your team back together! This May work towards some common goals with your lovely co-workers.

Do you want to build physical activity into the day? Maybe you want to track your environmental transportation actions. Or, you want to work to find new ways of supporting bike commuting or e-work into the future. Is your team is feeling a bit fragmented and you’re looking to combat that isolation?

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Shifting Gears Challenge and Workshops

Track your team’s progress towards your active and enviro-friendly transportation goals this spring! With the Shifting Gears Challenge, each week each team member will record their progress in the Shifting Gears Trip Tracker. Then, we will send you your very own impact report and enter each team member into the weekly draw. Here is how it works:

Friday – They’ll receive a reminder email with a link to the Trip Tracker.

Monday at noon – They must enter the previous week’s trips by the Monday at noon deadline.

Wednesday – You’ll receive your impact reports and news of weekly winners!

Friday – It all starts again, with another chance to win!

Would you like to promote to your team? Let us know what kinds of promotional tools would help you get your team working together on the Shifting Gears Challenge this year. Contact to order your workplace promo tools.

As many are working from home in 2021, you may be wondering how this challenge may work for your team. Here are some ideas:

    • Track your Work-from-Home ‘trips’ to record the drive-trips saved!
    • Track the other active and sustainable trips made through the week for errands and appointments. As in past years, all trips count!
    • Track physical activity breaks that get your team moving and focused on well-being.

As the month rolls along, Shifting Gears will be working with local partners to bring you some virtual workshops and event. Stay tuned to the weekly e-newsletters for more news on how to take part!

E-work Guide and Policy Samples

Normally, an organization takes months to move towards an e-work pilot. With the pandemic, we were catapulted into e-work. The upside is that we all know how to do it, the downside is that we haven’t framed our long-term vision for how e-work might fit into our corporate culture. To reap the most benefits for our organizations, a business case and formal policy are helpful.

The Remote Policy Clearinghouse is a great resource with sample policies, employee agreements, etc.

Our Shifting Gears Guides provide information on how to create supports for working from home so that you can ensure success and reap the benefits.

We look forward to Shifting Gears with you this spring!

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