Water Wise Landscape Recognition Program

funded by Peterborough Utilities Group

Does your front yard (or you neighbour or friend’s front yard) resemble the following?

  • Lack of a lawn, opting instead for the use of native/drought tolerant plants
  • Lawn that is mowed higher, de-thatched, and left brown (when needed)
  • Use of captured rain water (For example, watering with rain captured in a rain barrel)
  • Use of ground cover / mulch
  • Use of efficient watering methods, if watering is required (For example, use of drip hoses)
  • A tree or two (or more)
  • Natural pest control measures (no use of pesticides)WaterwiseLogoFINAL
  • Other unique measures

If so, nominate the property for recognition!

Additional Eligibility:

  • Property must be within the City of Peterborough
  • Only front yards are eligible for recognition

Why Nominate a Property for Recognition?

Those who receive recognition will be awarded with a Water Wise lawn sign, receive a front yard photo shoot, acknowledgement on social media and on the GreenUP website, bragging rights, and will be invited to attend an exclusive Water Wise recognition event! Recognized Water Wise yards will become an example to follow for other residents who want to transition toward Water Wise landscaping.

What Happens After Submission of a Nomination?

  • Properties nominated for recognition will be pre-screened for eligibility by GreenUP staff
  • The property owner of eligible nominations will be contacted by GreenUP to confirm the nomination
  • Eligible property owners will be awarded recognition
  • A time will be arranged for a front yard garden photo shoot (waiver required)

How Are Nominated Properties Screened?

  • GreenUP staff or volunteers will review the nomination form and photos. We may visit the nominated front yard – it is a great opportunity for the property owner to show off all their hard work to folks who are passionate about Water Wise gardens!
  • Property owners are encouraged to re-apply for recognition if they have continued to take steps toward a more Water Wise landscape!

How do I Submit a Nomination?

Just fill in the nomination form below and press send. It is that easy!

NOMINATION FORM - Water Wise Landscape Recognition Program


Your Contact Information


Nominated Property Information


Water Wise Actions

  • The property owner will be contacted by GreenUP for recognition. Please understand that only those properties that met the requirements of the program will be contacted or receive recognition.



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