Benefits to Peterborough

Founded on providing education and services in energy conservation, GreenUP has grown from a small, community-focused environmental group to a dynamic, comprehensive, environmental education organization. We deliver projects on various topics covering water conservation, greenspace management and restoration, sustainable transportation and energy conservation and efficiency. GreenUP has moved beyond a cause-oriented philosophy, to one that embraces education as a means of introducing sustainable lifestyle choices. The impact GreenUP has made in community through environmental education makes it easy to follow our progress.

Sustainable Gardening and Nature-based Education

GreenUP Ecology Park is seen as an excellent example of blending environmental education, community involvement, urban forestry and attractive landscaping. Thousands of people visit GreenUP Ecology Park each year to learn about composting, habitat enhancement and alternatives to pesticides, and to purchase composters, compost, native trees and shrubs and to learn about pesticide-free gardening. GreenUP Ecology Park also has a tremendous impact on local children. The park is a popular destination in the spring and fall when schools bring their students for curriculum-based learning activities. The learning continues during the summer as GreenUP presents its summer learning education programs.

Home Energy Efficiency Services

GreenUP locally delivered the Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes and its predecessor Energuide for Houses for years. These programs helped thousands of local homeowners save money on heating bills, create a more comfortable home and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. The programs also brought millions of dollars into the local economy. Homeowners were introduced to the tools needed to cut back on heat, water and energy consumption.

Climate Change and Air Quality Education

Cool Captain Climate, an orange spandex-clad superhero, has become a bit of a celebrity in Peterborough. His live show has been performed for thousands local students, educating them on the importance of active and sustainable transportation, reducing their carbon footprint and spreading the word about climate change solutions. Peterborough Moves is a comprehensive awareness program promoting active and efficient transportation in Peterborough, with GreenUP being a founding partner. Peterborough Moves seeks to educate all levels of the community on the benefits of leaving the car at home and getting around the community using sustainable modes of transportation like biking, walking or using public transit.

Water Protection and Conservation Programs

In the past, GreenUP launched a program that focused on shoreline properties and a consultation service performed by trained staff for urban, rural and shoreline properties. The property owner learned about the impacts of actions on shorelines, how to maintain a healthy shoreline and septic system best practices. That program is carried on today by the Lakeland Alliance. GreenUP is a founding partner of the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival. The Festival is a two-day educational event for students in grades 3 to 6. The students participate in hands-on, interactive educational activities to help them learn about water, where it comes from, why it’s important.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

GreenUP’s waste reduction initiatives are to encourage the Five R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Rethink, Recycle) as well as composting. Our educators visit dozens of local schools to get students involved in classroom activities with our curriculum-linked school programs involving waste audits and litterless lunch education. GreenUP also offers workshops on vermicomposting (composting with worms) and has become a major community resource for waste reduction questions.

Community Outreach

GreenUP reaches a wide audience with its communications. We have a weekly column in the Peterborough Examiner and KawarthaNOW online. Follow our programs and events on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages via @ptbogreenup.