Outreach Education

GreenUP boasts an exemplary record for developing and delivering high-quality education programs and outreach initiatives that produce significant results in the areas of waste reduction, energy efficiency, air quality, transportation and climate change and landscape.
Some of the biggest achievements of GreenUP have been made in the areas of environmental education. Communicating knowledge about the problems and solutions that face our community, province, country and planet are important if we want changes to occur. Educating the general public on these issues is what GreenUP does best, and, we’ve become a vital part of the community and province.

One of the organization’s most public facets is GreenUP Ecology Park. Known locally as one of Peterborough’s most treasured green spaces, the five acre park serves as educational institution in itself. GreenUP Ecology Park is open through the spring, summer and fall providing educational outreach to the community. The park’s children’s programs are designed to bring natural processes back into our daily lives, and to teach important skills for sustainable lifestyles. Themes such as food, habitat, biodiversity and respect for life are woven throughout the activities of the park.

GreenUP Ecology Park aside, our educators get students involved in classroom activities with the curriculum-linked school programs involving waste audits, litterless lunch education and writing letters to their local papers about waste related issues. Our Cool Captain Climate visits schools spreading the word of climate change and emphasizing the simple actions students, parents and teachers can take to maintain a healthy community and planet. His live show has been performed to thousands of school children and he has taken part in curriculum-based energy conservation workshops to help spread the word about climate change solution.