Brianna Salmon

Brianna is Executive Director of GreenUP.  They joined GreenUP in 2008, and over the past ten years they have worked across departments in a variety of exciting roles. Brianna has a Masters in Sustainability Studies from Trent University, and a second graduate degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University’s School of Public Administration.  In 2016, Brianna was recognized as one of Peterborough’s “Top 4 Under 40,” and in 2017, they received Trent University’s Young Leader Award for their work supporting a more healthy, sustainable, and active community. Brianna is honoured to be leading GreenUP, and to be furthering the work of this vital organization.

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Jaime Akiyama

Jaime Akiyama is GreenUP’s Transportation and Urban Design Program CoordinatorJaime holds an honours B.A. in Environmental and Resource Studies from Trent University and a B.Ed. from Lakehead University.  For over 15 years Jaime has worked with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and has taught and volunteered with various groups within the Peterborough community.  She is passionate about the natural world, children, and her community so she is very excited to be part of GreenUP and combine these passions. Beyond GreenUP, Jaime can be seen pedalling around the community, enjoying baked goods, and playing outside with her family. 

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Vern Bastable

Vern Bastable is the Director of GreenUP Ecology Park and Landscape Programs. Vern has been an integral part of GreenUP’s urban forest program and the operations of the tree nursery in GreenUP Ecology Park. He earned an Ecosystem Management Diploma from Fleming College and is an Ontario certified tree seed collector. Vern’s expertise is with urban forest management and municipal heritage tree designation.

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Bev Bonner

Bev Bonner is the Director of Finance and Operations at GreenUP.  Bev studied Business Administration and brings over 25 years of experience to GreenUP after working in the private sector. Bev is happy to be part of a community-based organization that allows her to work with a team of passionate workers who are so dedicated to what they do. Outside the office, you can find Bev walking the trails around Peterborough, preparing for her next long distance race or teeing up at a local golf course.

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Parys Carr

Parys Carr is part of GreenUP’s Environmental Education and Landscape Support Staff. She will soon be entering the final year of her degree in Environmental Resource Science and Studies at Trent University. In past summers, Parys has worked with Ontario Parks and was the Friends of Presqu’ile Park Student Bursary recipient. She is passionate about outdoor learning and getting the community involved.  Her free time is spent walking local trails with her dog, swimming at the cottage, studying, and volunteering with other organizations in Peterborough. 2021 will be Parys’s first summer at GreenUP and she couldn’t be more excited!

Contact Parys at Ecology Park

Sara Crouthers

Sara Crouthers (she/her) is a program coordinator working with Active School Travel Peterborough and School Travel Planning. Sara holds a BA (Hons) in Equity Studies, Indigenous Studies and English from the University of Toronto, a B.Ed in Intermediate/Senior Indigenous Studies and English Education from Trent University, and an MA in Sustainability Studies from Trent University. Sara is passionate about sustainable, community-focused urban planning, critical anti-racism environmental education and critical food systems pedagogy. Sara’s past work experience includes Trent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science (TRACKS), the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, and Take Me Outside. She enjoys giving back to her community, and is a member of the Peterborough BIPOC Growing Collective and a board member of the Seasoned Spoon and Peterborough Child and Family Centres. When Sara isn’t thinking about all things School Travel Planning at GreenUP, she is gardening, cycling and frolicking with her toddler, Jack, here in Nogojiwanong on Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg territory.

Jackie Donaldson

Jackie Donaldson (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP working on Green Economy Peterborough and specializing in communications, public outreach, and program development. A big fan of the Kawarthas and community-based environmental action, Jackie has thirty years of experience in the non-profit, public health, municipal, small business, and media sectors. Jackie has a B.A.H (Anthropology) and B. Ed from Trent University where she is currently working on a Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies. Jackie has volunteered on numerous local boards and has a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from Fleming College. She loves canoe tripping with her family, cycling, writing, and seeking out (and sampling) butter tarts listed on the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour.

Portrait shot of Leif Einarson, Communications and Marketing Specialist at GreenUP

Leif Einarson

Leif Einarson (he/him) is the Communications Manager at GreenUP. Leif has a B.A. with Honours from Fraser Valley University in B.C., and a Masters and Ph.D. in English and Writing Studies from Western University in Ontario. For over 15 years, Leif has worked and volunteered with wildlife conservation projects. Leif is passionate about communications that get people thinking and acting. He has worked in education, marketing, wildlife conservation, and tourism. Leif is thrilled to empower environmentally sustainable action with the amazing team at GreenUP and our incredible partners. When he’s not working at GreenUP, Leif is probably enjoying life outside the ordinary, dreaming up de-lawning projects, biking on trails, paddling on water bacon, and playing with his kids.

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Hayley Goodchild

Hayley Goodchild is the Program Coordinator at GreenUP, formerly a coordinator with the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN) Program. She has a decade of experience coordinating non-profit, community, and academic projects throughout southern Ontario. Hayley holds an Honours BA in International Development Studies from Trent University, and an MA and PhD in Environmental History from McMaster University. In addition to her work at GreenUP, Hayley is completing a post-graduate certificate in Landscape Design from Ryerson University, and she spends most of her spare time in  the garden.

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Laura Keresztesi

Laura is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP. Laura holds a bachelor of Community Design from Dalhousie University and a post-graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Fleming College. Since graduating, Laura has enjoyed working in the field of community development in a variety of different capacities. From helping to plant kitchen gardens in Tegucigalpa to working in a Toronto City Councillor’s office, Laura has been honoured to have the opportunity to work directly with neighbours, forming meaningful relationships and partnerships while working towards shared goals.  Laura is grateful for any opportunity to be outside.  She enjoys gardening, camping, cycling, pottery and is always eager to explore and imagine the world with her young children – as long as she’s had her morning quota of Yorkshire Gold.

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Nathalie Kuria is a Nursery Support staff member at GreenUp’s Ecology Park. She has a BSc in Biology from Trent University and is currently working towards an Ecosystems Management Technician diploma at Fleming College. Nathalie is also the co-president of BLM-Nogojiwanong and dedicates her time to building a diverse and environmentally strong community. In her free time, Nathalie loves to explore local nature areas, and hike long distance trails.

Contact Nathalie at Ecology Park

Kristen LaRocque

Kristen LaRocque is Program Coordinator at the GreenUP Store & Resource Centre. She holds a bachelors degree in Philosophy from Trent University. Her work and volunteer experience in the community of Peterborough covers a broad range of interests including sustainable and local food production, conservation of natural resources, and promotion of healthy active lifestyles. Kristen is an all-weather cyclist who looks forward to a future that includes separated bike lanes and an abundance of pedestrian crossings near all city parks. She is passionate about cycling safety and sustainable modes of transport. Outside of the office, Kristen enjoys running along the Rotary Trail and spending time with her adventuresome son, encouraging his love of cycling and the great outdoors.

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Shannon Legere

Shannon Legere

Shannon Legere is delighted to be returning for a third season at GreenUP Ecology park as the Ecology Park Nursery Support Staff. She admires her job at GreenUP as it gives her the chance to deepen her knowledge of native plants while enthusiastically sharing the importance (AWESOMENESS) of creating native plant gardens in people’s very own yards! Shannon describes working at GreenUP Ecology Park as working in a real-life field guide to native plants. It fuels her passion for gardening, tree planting, wildcrafting, and geeking-out over native plant identification. She holds a B.Sc in Environmental Science from McMaster University and is currently chipping away at becoming a teacher through Trent University’s B.Ed program. She dreams of becoming a forest school educator.

Contact Shannon at Ecology Park.

Karen O'Krafka

Karen O’Krafka

Karen is the GreenUP Water Education Programs CoordinatorKaren holds a BAH in International Development Studies with a focus on Sustainable Community Development from Guelph, and a B.Ed in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queen’s Univeristy. With Karen’s passion for environmental sustainability and education, she has spent almost two decades working and volunteering on both the west and east coast, as well as many local and international environmental non-profits, camps, outdoor education centres, schools, and conservation authorities. Currently, Karen weaves Water Education with her work for the community collaborative Pathway to Stewardship and Kinship, as a co-founder and instructor of Hardwood Nature School, and as a long-time board member with the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario.

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Geneviève Ramage

Geneviève Ramage (she/her) is the Communications Coordinator at GreenUP and she is excited to be a part of the team. She holds an Honours B.A. in Humanities and Communications from York University and continues to learn from the school of life. Her journey has led to places such as the Raisin Region in Ontario, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, and the downtown neighbourhood of Regent Park, Tkaronto (Toronto). Geneviève is grateful and privileged to have worked and volunteered alongside incredible activists from all over the world within the intersections of Indigenous, BLM, LGBTQ2S+, feminist, and environmental rights. She is a recent transplant to Nogojiwanong by way of Tkaronto and can be found frolicking in the grass, smelling the flowers, and splashing about in the water.

Heather Ray

Heather Ray is Director of Programs at GreenUP. Heather holds an honours BES in Environmental Resource Management from University of Waterloo, Diploma in Environmental Assessment and Master’s of International Public Policy, focus on Environmental Policy and Global Governance, from Wilfrid Laurier University. Heather’s academic research focused heavily on the study of water and she brings years of experience working within the non profit sector supporting international, national and local initiatives. Heather is committed to joining a diverse range of people and perspectives, all with water and our environment as a common connection. Outside of GreenUP you can find Heather writing, farming, and playing outside.

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Natalie Stephenson

Natalie Stephenson is the Hub Coordinator for Green Economy Peterborough at GreenUP. With an Honours BA in Environmental Resource Studies and Sociology from Trent University, she is passionate about the intersections between social and environmental problems. Natalie has a whole host of experience in grassroots community organizing. When she’s not working on Green Economy Peterborough, you will find Natalie riding on our local trails with her two kiddos, and volunteering on community projects, including King Edward Community Garden and Peterborough VegFest. | ext. 223

Lindsay Stroud

Lindsay is Director of Development and Programs at GreenUP. Though always intent on caring for the environment and community, it wasn’t until Lindsay arrived in Peterborough and began volunteering at B!KE, that she realized the power that active and sustainable transportation had to truly change the world. Lindsay joined GreenUP as transportation program coordinator in 2012 and has worked with a passionate, inspiring teams to create Pedal Power, one if the province’s first in-school cycling education programs, and Peterborough Pulse, the city’s first Open Streets event. Lindsay holds an honours BSc in Zoology from the University of Guelph and a BEd from Trent University, and has enjoyed over fifteen years of organizing environmental education and community engagement programs for not-for-profit and government agencies. Outside of the office, Lindsay has worked with other inspiring teams to create Repair Café Peterborough and the Peterborough Tool Library, selfishly feeding her love of making and fixing.

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Jessica Todd

Jessica Todd is a GreenUP Store & Resource Centre Associate and Ecology Park Communications & Horticulture Staff. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Science from Trent University. She previously volunteered in the GreenUP Store as well as at community events including Peterborough Pulse. Jessica is passionate about spreading environmental awareness and sustainability. She is excited to see Peterborough continue to evolve into a more sustainable community. Jessica hopes to see separated bicycle lanes and a green bin program in the future. Outside the office, Jessica enjoys cycling along the trails, spending time with family, baking, and crafting.

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Matthew Walmsley

Matthew is the Ecology Park Education Coordinator. He holds a Diploma in Ecosystem Management from Fleming College, and an Honours BSc. in Environmental and Resource Science from Trent University. His honours thesis explored the use of technology in environmental education. Matthew has worked as an educator at Camp Kawartha and is a currently faculty instructor at Fleming College working in the dual credit program. He spends his time cycling country roads, exploring nature with his kids, and surfing the Great Lakes in the winter. 

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Jill Bishop

Jillian Bishop  has been passionately involved in working with many aspects of our local food system for over 10 years. For the past five years, she has coordinated the Peterborough Community Garden Network. Her role is currently evolving and she now works with Nourish, where she continues to support and encourage the production, consumption, and enjoyment of locally grown food. GreenUP continues to collaborate with Jillian as she continues her amazing work at the Nourish office at the YWCA, 216 Simcoe St.

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