Tegan Moss Executive Director of GreenUP

Tegan Moss

Tegan Moss (she/her/they/them) is the Executive Director at GreenUP. Tegan has a Bachelor’s of Arts, with Honours, in Environmental Studies from Trent University and is an award-winning leader. Since 2010, Tegan has been working to increase climate resilience by teaching community building, active transportation, and sustainable gardening. As the former Executive Director at B!KE, Tegan grew a small grassroots organization into one of the highest capacity community bike shops in Canada. Tegan recently served as an executive on Board of Directors for the Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area and Vélo Canada Bikes. Tegan is energized by working with people to achieve beautiful things. As the Executive Director at GreenUP Tegan strives to engage community in addressing the climate crisis.  In her free time Tegan can often be found riding her mountain bike in the Ganaraska Forest or with dirty hands in her wild and wonderful garden.

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Vern Bastable

Vern Bastable (he/him) is the Director of GreenUP Ecology Park and Landscape Programs. Vern has been an integral part of GreenUP’s urban forest program and the operations of the tree nursery in GreenUP Ecology Park. He earned an Ecosystem Management Diploma from Fleming College and is an Ontario certified tree seed collector. Vern’s expertise is with urban forest management and municipal heritage tree designation.

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Clara Blakelock

Clara Blakelock (she/her) is a Program Manager & Registered Energy Advisor with GreenUP, performing home energy audits. Before starting with Green UP, Clara spent six years with Green Communities Canada as a project manager working on initiatives to advance transformative green infrastructure in Canadian communities. Clara has a Master’s in Engineering and Public Policy from McMaster University, and is currently pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Energy Management. She volunteers on the Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee. She also spends time mending, sewing, cycling, and wrangling her young children.

Bev Bonner

Bev Bonner (she/her) is the Director of Finance and Operations at GreenUP.  Bev studied Business Administration and brings over 25 years of experience to GreenUP after working in the private sector. Bev is happy to be part of a community-based organization that allows her to work with a team of passionate workers who are so dedicated to what they do. Outside the office, you can find Bev walking the trails around Peterborough, preparing for her next long distance race or teeing up at a local golf course.

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Ashley Burnie

Ashley Burnie (she/her) a Program Coordinator at GreenUP working on Shifting Gears projects, such as the Shifting Gears Challenge and Count Week, and Active School Travel Peterborough Projects, such as Let’s Bike. Ashley holds a Bachelor’s of Arts, with Honours, in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University, a post-grad in Project Management from University of Toronto and is a member of the Project Management Institute. Ashley comes about her love of planning and executing projects by way of 10 years of organic farming, where she also found time to become a Red Seal Chef. When Ashley isn’t planning events or making spreadsheets, you can find her riding her road bike, sewing her wardrobe and searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Jackie Donaldson

Jackie Donaldson (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP working with Green Economy Peterborough and specializing in communications, public outreach, and program development. A big fan of the Kawarthas and community-based environmental action, Jackie has thirty years of experience in the non-profit, public health, municipal, small business, and media sectors. Jackie has a Bachelor’s of Arts, with Honours (Anthropology), and Bachelor’s of Education from Trent University where she is currently working on a Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies. Jackie has volunteered on numerous local boards and has a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from Fleming College. She loves canoe tripping with her family, cycling, writing, and seeking out (and sampling) butter tarts listed on the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour.

Hayley Goodchild

Hayley Goodchild (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP, formerly a coordinator with the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN) Program. She has a decade of experience coordinating non-profit, community, and academic projects throughout southern Ontario. Hayley holds a Bachelor’s of Arts with Honours in International Development Studies from Trent University, and an MA and PhD in Environmental History from McMaster University. In addition to her work at GreenUP, Hayley is completing a post-graduate certificate in Landscape Design from Ryerson University, and she spends most of her spare time in the garden.

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Laura Keresztesi

Laura Keresztesi (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP. Laura holds a Bachelor’s of Community Design from Dalhousie University and a post-graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Fleming College. Since graduating, Laura has enjoyed working in the field of community development in a variety of different capacities. From helping to plant kitchen gardens in Tegucigalpa to working in a Toronto City Councillor’s office, Laura has been honoured to have the opportunity to work directly with neighbours, forming meaningful relationships and partnerships while working towards shared goals.  Laura is grateful for any opportunity to be outside.  She enjoys gardening, camping, cycling, pottery and is always eager to explore and imagine the world with her young children – as long as she’s had her morning quota of Yorkshire Gold.

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Eileen Kimmett

Eileen Kimmett (she/her) is a Program Coordinator for the GreenUP Store and Resource Centre. Eileen has been interested and concerned about the environment since her teens and is excited to be a part of the GreenUP team. Eileen is an avid volunteer who supports a variety of causes, she loves and supports Downtown Peterborough. Along with her family, she is frequently seen shopping or enjoying treats at local shops and restaurants. Eileen is a proud mom of three teenagers and was a stay-at-home parent for many years. In her down time, Eileen tends to her pollinator gardens and raises Monarch Butterflies. Outside of work and dining you might find her weightlifting, running, or cycling with her husband Joel.

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Bryn Magee

Bryn Magee (he/him) is a Registered Energy Advisor with GreenUP’s Residential Programs. In the past, Bryn volunteered for four years in the GreenUP Store and Resource Centre. Bryn has a Master’s in Environmental and Life Sciences from Trent University, an Advanced Cooperative Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) from Centennial College, and is a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). Away from work, Bryn can be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors for all it has to offer through numerous activities.

Karen O'Krafka

Karen O’Krafka

Karen O’Krafka (she/her) is a Program Coordinator with GreenUP. She coordinates Ecology Park School Programs, Earth Adventures, Girl’s Climate Leadership, and the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival. Karen holds a Bachelor’s of Arts with Honours in International Development Studies with a focus on Sustainable Community Development from Guelph, and a Bachelor’s of Education in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queen’s University. With Karen’s passion for environmental sustainability and education, she has spent two decades working and volunteering on both the west and east coast, as well as many local and international environmental non-profits, camps, outdoor education centres, schools, and conservation authorities. Karen creates and coordinates meaningful, action-oriented youth education on water and climate by weaving together her recent work for the community collaborative Pathway to Stewardship and Kinship, as a co-founder and instructor of Hardwood Nature School, and as a long-time board member with the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario.

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Lili Paradi

Lili Paradi (she/her) is the newest Communications Manager for GreenUP. She recently completed a Master of Science degree in Science Communication from the University of Edinburgh and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. She is eager to share compelling and empowering stories to as many people about the nature of people and the planet. Behind the scenes, Lili is an avid hiker, traveler, book-lover and enjoys jumping into as many bodies of water as possible with her family and fluffy Hungarian Puli dog.

Catriona Sinclair

Catriona Sinclair (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at GreenUP. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Humanities from the University of Toronto, is an Associate of the Ontario College of Art (now OCADU) and has diplomas in Career & Work Counselling, and Recreation & Leisure Studies. She is concerned about climate change and the environment, and is glad to be working in a position that helps create positive change. She and her husband, Angelo di Petta, a noted Canadian ceramic artist, together with their young daughter Gillian moved from downtown Toronto to an acreage near Millbrook 28 years ago and never looked back. Gillian’s rural upbringing is reflected in her career as Greenhouse Coordinator at Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna. Catriona loves observing nature, canoeing, swimming, hiking, and camping, having grown up with a cottage in Algonquin Park. Her other interests include sewing and weaving, where she exercises her passion for colour, as well as reading, watching TV, and feeding the birds.

Natalie Stephenson

Natalie Stephenson (she/her) is the Director of Programs, for school and business programs. Natalie has a Bachelor’s of Arts, with Honours, in Environmental Resource Studies and Sociology from Trent University. She is passionate about the intersections between social and environmental problems. Natalie has a host of experience in grassroots community organizing. When she’s not working on Green Economy Peterborough, you will find Natalie riding on our local trails with her two kiddos, and volunteering on community projects, including King Edward Community Garden and Peterborough VegFest.     

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Jessica Todd (she/her) is the Communications Assistant and GreenUP Store & Resource Centre Associate. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Resource Science from Trent University. Jessica is passionate about spreading environmental awareness and sustainability. She is excited to see Peterborough continue to evolve into a more sustainable community. Jessica hopes to see separated bicycle lanes and a green bin program in the future. Outside the office, Jessica enjoys cycling along the trails, spending time with family, baking, and crafting.

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Jill Bishop

Jillian Bishop (she/her) has been passionately involved in working with many aspects of our local food system for over 10 years. For the past five years, she has coordinated the Peterborough Community Garden Network. Her role is currently evolving and she now works with Nourish, where she continues to support and encourage the production, consumption, and enjoyment of locally grown food. GreenUP continues to collaborate with Jillian as she continues her amazing work at the Nourish office at the YWCA, 216 Simcoe St.

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